24 April 2016 SKCC1 Jönköping

Swedish spring weather... It was freezing! 

We started the day dry but it was below zero and snow came down! First practice we choose wrong gloves and Clara was too cold for more than 5-6 laps, we had to cancel. 

Second practice was better and she was 11th but almost 0,9 from the fastest guy (0,4 from 2nd) but we were working in the right direction, Paul from Deca Nordic was there to help me and gave me great input! 

For qualifying we still 0,9 of but down at 17th, but we know that some of that time is in power and that will soon be sorted! 

1st heat! Snow and a slippery track.. But it looked like it would dry, most of the racers choose rain tires but we gave the slicks a shoot, it was ok and she drove great, I think she was the fastest on slicks and she passed guys on every corner, she was 10th when she was taken out.. On top of that although she was hit so hard she lost the chain guard on the way into the tire barriers she got a 10 second penalty for the front bumper, what a crazy rule that is?!

2nd heat! More bad luck, this time in the start when she had to avoid another driver that spun off, from dead last to 22th was great driving and the kart was better again

Pre-final! Started 24th and drove great again, this time we got the setting way better and she ended up on a good 16th 

Final! Same story, the kart is better for every run and we are working in the right direction, she passed a lot of drivers and she was faster now on worn tires then she was on new! She ended up on a great 10th spot after a really hard weekend! 

We'll be stronger and stronger for every race from now!! 

6 May 2016

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