August 28th Team13 Gothenburg GSP (Gothenburgs big trophy) Göteborgs Stora Pris

What a contrast in weather it was this morning compared with yesterday when I was there watching the J125 and KZ class! Saturday was really hot and sunny all day, today it was very cold and rainy, but it is the same for everybody!

We started on a damp track (But no rain) on rain tires and Clara was 6th out of the 33 driver line-up on the second practice we did only small adjustments as the weather didn't change and she was 5th and 0,3 off so we know she had the speed and she's always super smooth on the slippery track! 

But for the qualifying practice the sun suddenly showed up and dried the track immediately, dry settings and new slicks was mounted. She was in the second group so we had plenty of time. She was 5th in that group but the first group was way faster due to conditions so they made the decision to cross groups so instead of starting 15th in the heats she was 10th, that's nice (And fair) 

For the first heat it looked like we should have a dry track but when we were at the grid it got dark fast! Everything went from bad to worse when the heaven opened up! We got a few extra minutes to change tires because of the safety risk but we only changed tiers and not gearing as we thought we didn't have time so we know the settings wasn't the best but what a great performance she showed and ended up sixth!

For the second heat of the day there wasn't anything to think of as it was pouring down now! There was so much water on the track that we had to wait for an hour and more to get a green flag. Still raining a lot and she couldn't see much but great driving again, super smooth and fast but no mistakes at all, she was 8th when the checkered flag was dropped but she had hit the front bumper at the start and got a 10 sec penalty to 16th place so instead of starting 5th in the final she was demoted to 9th. It is a great effort in this group of drivers. 

Time for finals, still really wet and cold so no changes to the kart but tire pressure. 

A pretty good start but she was in a group that was fighting for positions in every corner, she lost a few position and was at one point down to 11th but when she passed them clean she got a few kart length straight away and started to close the gap to the next group but it was a short race so she only had time to climb her way up to 8th, great result! 

There was a few protests on the guys at the front so we wasn't sure until the ceremonies about the final results and it was delayed two more hours but the result stands. 

We are really proud of Clara's performance and race craft, it was a great weekend!

We will post a few pictures and maybe some on-board material later this week!

29 Aug 2016

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