September 10th 2016 Lördaxx3 Team13 Gothenburg

A great day in the west coast sun, we arrived perfect for registration and drivers meet in the early morning but the sun was up and warm, it's going to be a great day for racing!

1st practice on used tires and Clara was 4th 0.4 off but in good shape, the 2nd practice is also qualifying on these smaller events so we put new tires on (Or close to new, we run them for 7 laps at GSP) and she was 0.4 faster but the rest was too, she was 5th and the engine didn't run clean, so a bit of work.

1st heat was good and she was 4th with lap times within 0.3 from the fastest but the engine didn't rev like we like it to so we changed carburetor for heat 2. 

That didn't sort the problem but she was 4th again and that will also be the starting position for the final. 

We put the first carburetor together again and some adjustments as the weather was warmer together with another gearing. 

What a final it turned out to be, close racing from the top 5 and at a point eight drivers! Clara was battling for the top and was 2nd for a moment while she fought for the lead with a lot of great passing's and smart driving; she ended up 4th with the top 5 within 1.6 seconds over the finish line! 

She really wanted to win but this was a great day of great racing!

14 Sep 2016

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